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TCC LED Grow Light

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Product Description

  • Automatic net working by WIFI MESH technology available in wireless connection
  • Daisy chainable -- up to 200 light fixtures by wireless connection & 100 PCS by wired connection
  • Wattage dimmable and spectrum tunable, different wattage, different spectrum
  • Top-ranking white chips and Osram red chips
  • High efficacy up to 2.8 µmol/J, and the PPF up to 2184 µmol/s
  • UV+IR add-on detachable
  • Embedded friction mechanism allows the fixture to be hold still at any angle
  • Easy installation, just plug and play
  • The integrated LCD display showing all the parameters that matter to your growth (TCC Master)
  • 4 Spectrum available, flexible to change spectrum from vegetative to bloom stage (TCC Master)
  • Sunrise and sunset model (TCC Master)

Control Method (TCC Master)

Wired Connection

You can control each light fixture with on-board dimmer knob, or control a group of Stations by one TCC Master via RJ cords.

One TCC Master synchronized controls up to 100 pcs TCC Stations in spectrum, wattage, timing, dimming, etc.

Control Method (TCC Station)

Wireless Connection

It's the best group solution for TCC Station and Master Controller GLC 2.

One controller controls 200 light fixtures by wireless and automatic networking.

Wired Connection

TCC Station supports mainstream control systems (0-10V) in the market, especially for our Master Controller GLC 2.

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