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Banana Cream Pie

50/50 HYBRID







50% 50%
 - Banana Cream Pie

Strain Description

Banana Cream Pie strain by NorStar Genetics is a famous 50/50 hybrid. Breeders crossed Girl Scout Cookies with Banana OG for the perfect marijuana specimen with the best performance, effects, and flavor for the connoisseurs. Moreover, the strain lineage includes legendary specimens such as OG Kush and Durban Poison, Banana, Ghost OG, Indica-dominant Hindu Kush and Afghani strains, Chemdawg and Haze, which are Sativa-dominant.

Banana Cream Pie weed strain brings out a bold combination of banana, citrus, pine, and herbal aromas with earthy notes. It tastes slightly sweet and refreshing, with hints of lemon and vanilla. This combination gives the pleasant sensation of smoking this weed.

Its effects are even more impressive. Banana Cream Pie gives a feeling of lightness in the body and uplifting, gradually turning into powerful euphoria. A sense of happiness and delight overwhelms the mind at this moment. Some smokers note it is easier to concentrate on the necessary tasks. The use of this marijuana improves appetite, and its high relaxes the body with quite a powerful effect, so it is best to smoke it in the evening or before bed.


  • aroused
  • sedated
  • sleepy


  • creamy
  • fruity
  • sweet

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