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Blueberry Widow

50/50 HYBRID







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 - Blueberry Widow

Strain Description

The Blueberry Widow strain is a cross between White Widow and Blueberry. Both of these strains are well-known and acclaimed for their effects, aromas, and appearance.

In fact, White Widow won first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards in 1995, and Blueberry won for Best Indica in 2000 then placed in the 2002 Cannabis Cup.

Blueberry Widow, or Berry White as it's sometimes called, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that acquired some of the best genetics that its parents had to offer.

Even though its parent, White Widow has high levels of THC, this strain inherited a low-to-medium potency.

This is an attractive quality for occasional smokers or those who prefer lower levels of THC.

Another stand-out feature of this plant is its undeniably sweet aroma that can become mesmerizing.


  • euphoric
  • sleepy
  • uplifted


  • berry
  • blueberry
  • sweet

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