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Fanta Sea RBX

50/50 HYBRID







50% 50%
 - Fanta Sea RBX

Strain Description

Fanta Sea RBX is the cannabis encounter between (Wedding Cake x Triangle Kush) x (Mandarin Cookies) x Grandpa's Cookies #6.

Fanta Sea RBX is a medium-sized cannabis variety that easily adapts to almost any environment and growing medium.

It is a robust plant that produces strong branches with a short node distance. Thanks to its excellent bract/leaf ratio, it is very easy to manicure.

Fanta Sea RBX produces dense buds with a thick resin layer that enhances a great colours range. Ethos Genetics seedbank refers it as a boutique cannabis variety.

Fanta Sea RBX flavours remind us of sweet pastry dough, with powerful orange, sandalwood, and petrol aromas.

Fanta Sea RBX produces a long-lasting powerful effect which remains over time, causing euphoria with a very motivating relaxation afterwards.


  • body-high
  • euphoric
  • relaxed


  • butter
  • gas-fuel
  • orange
  • sweet

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