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Gelato #2

50/50 HYBRID







50% 50%
 - Gelato #2

Strain Description

This delicious strain of prime time cannabis is the royal offspring of sunset sherbet and thin mint Girl Scout cookies.

A masterfully balanced 50/50 hybrid is a slightly darker green that lightens as you get to the center of the flower, with caramel orange hairs and a healthy
covering of frosted trichomes.

It’s hearty dense buds waft sweet floral aromas of lavender and cinnamon with notes of orange citrus that create a tantalizing smell that is reminiscent of orange cream soda and gasoline.

The smoke is fruity and exotic yet still satisfies the palate in need of some classic suit and tie kush, with an effect that is blissful, euphoric and slightly drowsy.

Great for anxiety, insomnia, and low impact creative activities.


  • creative
  • euphoric
  • sleepy


  • lavender
  • orange

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