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Member Berry RBX

50/50 HYBRID







50% 50%
 - Member Berry RBX

Strain Description

Member Berry Rbx is a cross between Skunk Berry x Mandarin Sunset, a fusion between an Old School Skunk genetics with a modern contribution.

It is a plant of very good structure and flower morphology, with buds of great density and superb appearance.

A very vigorous growing strain, with a flowering period of about 60-65 days. It produces very generous harvests not requiring a lot of experience from the grower.

Thus, it is a great plant for those who want to get into the self-cultivation world.

Member Berry Rbx has been awarded in competitions under the category of flower and extractions.

Aromas and flavours are sweet and citric with a sour touch. Old School Skunk traits are found in some

The effects are intense and strong due to a high THC level of up to 25%. Very relaxing hybrid type effects.


  • aroused
  • hungry
  • relaxed


  • berry
  • blueberry
  • grape

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