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Indica Dominant Hybrid







35% 65%
 - B-45

Strain Description

B-45 by Booba is a unique indica-dominant hybrid strain from French seed bank Silent Seeds. Created in collaboration with French rapper Booba, this strain packs the genetic excellence that Silent Seeds is known for, plus the flavours, aromas, and potency that Booba loves.

With Booba being France's most downloaded artist in French history, it comes as no surprise that B-45 is one of France's best-selling cannabis strains.

With 32% THC and a rich concentration of exotic terpenes, B-45 by Booba is not only extremely potent, but also a treat to smell and taste. Well-cured buds feature a rich aroma that ties together fruity sweetness with creamy undertones and earthy hints enriched with subtle floral nuances.

From the first inhale, this terpene and cannabinoid monster will soothe and relax your entire body while elevating your mind with a high-energy, almost
psychedelic euphoria.

Regardless of your tolerance, it goes without saying that B-45 by Booba is best enjoyed in moderation to really savour her complex effects.


  • energetic
  • euphoric
  • relaxed


  • creamy
  • flowery
  • fruity

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