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Delighted Gushers

Indica Dominant Hybrid







40% 60%
 - Delighted Gushers

Strain Description

Rich, luxuriant fruit flavors from the Gushers, and the gassy diesel pine from the G.M.O blend here to form one of the most unique and tasty flavor profiles out there.

Gushers (Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush) brings in its deep, complex fruit and sweetness profile to mellow out the glowing diesel intensity of the G.M.O. -a feat most strains cannot achieve, Gushers does so with grace and ease, and creates the perfect balance between fruit and gas here.

Two strains often high in THC; the stone of the G.M.O x Gushers is uplifting and at times invigorating, but still calming and serene - this versatile hybrid soars
effortlessly between euphoria, relaxation, liveliness, and calm.

Perfect for all times of the day.


  • cerebral
  • creative
  • relaxed


  • creamy
  • fruity
  • garlic

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