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Grape Citrus Soda

Indica Dominant Hybrid







30% 70%
 - Grape Citrus Soda

Strain Description

Grape Citrus Soda is an indica dominant hybrid strain created as a potent phenotype of the infamous Tahoe OG Kush strain.

If you're in the market for a super tasty grape flavor, you've found it! Grape Citrus Soda brings on the sweet grape tastes and accents them with citrus and pine for a flavorful all around toke.

The aroma takes on an earthy tinge, with a pungent grape effect that becomes slightly spicy as the nugs are burned.

The Grape Citrus Soda high has a lightly lifting effect that starts with a touch of focus before fading into happy relaxation.

You'll feel a light pressure behind the eyes that soon transitions into a happy euphoria with mental clarity.

As your mind settles into this focused state, your body will start to drop into a state of calm that doesn't affect your energy level in the slightest.


  • euphoric
  • happy
  • uplifted


  • berry
  • citrus
  • grape

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