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Holy Punch

Indica Dominant Hybrid







40% 60%
 - Holy Punch

Strain Description

Holy Punch is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Grape X The Church strains. A hard-hitting bud with super euphoric, lifting effects, Holy Punch is a great choice for any fan of potent indicas.

The high will come on fast and hard, smashing into your brain with a one-two hit of lifted euphoria that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts.

You'll be filled with a budding sociability that has you feeling talkative and outgoing, easily chatting with anyone and everyone around you.

A light physical tingle comes next, creeping into your body and dropping you off into a deep relaxation.

Holy Punch is a great choice for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression or mood swings, chronic pain, insomnia and eye pressure or glaucoma.

This bud has a sweet and fruity grape menthol flavor with hints of fresh herbal sage.

The aroma is very similar, with an herbal sage overtone accented by spicy menthol and rich black pepper.


  • body-high
  • euphoric
  • happy


  • fruity
  • herbal
  • spicy

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