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London Fog

Indica Dominant Hybrid







40% 60%
 - London Fog

Strain Description

Sonic-Seeds’ marijuana breeders have been
continuously making more marijuana varieties of great flavors and effects. Alongside those is the fact that it comes from a very strong lineage of two powerful varieties combined.

Such parent strains were the Jack The Ripper and Pursang Haze strains. The leaves that it develops are in fact oozing with resin content that will delight both users and growers.

Strong couch lock, mind numbing effects may be achieved when you smoke this weed.

London Fog is overflowing with many magnificent components that give it the abilities to serve users with euphoria, energy, motivation, focus, and an uplifting sensation. It also lasts longer and with better effect than any other strains.

The powerful THC and CBD components that this weed contains allow it to be a possible treatment to some of the common illnesses that people suffer from these days. Those are many conditions which include stress, fatigue, menstrual cramps, glaucoma, sclerosis, muscle pain, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and migraine. Such a long list of medical conditions are easy and quick to be eliminated because of this weed.


  • aroused
  • relaxed
  • uplifted


  • lemon
  • pine
  • tobacco

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