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Marshmallow OG

Indica Dominant Hybrid







30% 70%
 - Marshmallow OG

Strain Description

Marshmallow OG is an Indica dominant poly-hybrid that combines the best US cannabis strains.

Jet Fuel x Gelato on one side and Chemdog D and Triangle Kush on the other.

The result is a new cannabis line with remarkable properties.

Marshmallow OG is a slender plant that develops long colas of dense and fleshy flowers.

It produces a thick resin layer rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, acquiring beautiful colours from red to purple during the flowering stage.

It has a terpenes profile that combines fruity and sweet notes reminiscent of marshmallows, with a petrol touch that gives a great presence in the mouth.

Aromas and flavours are accompanied by an initially high and uplifting effect, which progresses to a deeply relaxing stone stage.


  • euphoric
  • relaxed
  • uplifted


  • diesel
  • vanilla
  • woody

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