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 - Cakes ‘n Cream

Strain Description

Cakes ‘n Cream In House Genetics cannabis seeds is a hybrid birthed from a cross of Platinum x Pancakes.

Platinum is a strain created by In House, which comes from the Platinum Kush lineage.

This 100% indica strain gets its name from its icy appearance, the result of the dense trichomes that grow on the bud. This variety has a sweet and penetrating smell reminiscent of fruit with sweet and earthy

The Cookies Fam and Seed Junky Genetics have teamed up to bring another great tasting hybrid to add to their arsenal. The sweet smell of Pancakes is more like butter and syrup, and is made by crossing two flavor powerhouses in London Pound Cake #75 and Kush Mints #11.

This hybrid leans more towards the Indica side, with dense buds heavily coated in fuzzy-amber trichomes and bushy patches of orange pistils. The short forest-green leaves are hidden underneath but do show in some areas.

The odor is exceptional, with sweet maple and cedar odors mixing pleasantly.


  • creative
  • euphoric
  • relaxed


  • creamy
  • honey
  • sweet

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