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Granddaddy Cookies

Sativa Dominant Hybrid







90% 10%
 - Granddaddy Cookies

Strain Description

This wonderful creation is an Sativa dominant marijuana strain that comes from a spectacular cross between our elite Girl Scout Cookies and a selection of Grandaddy Purple.

Probably one of the most delicious and powerful marijuana strains you can try today on the European continent, this is a real champion.

Not only does she overflow with quality and potency, but she is also a top-notch producer, something new that will leave you enchanted by all her characteristics.

It is a Sativa dominant strain but with a very vigorous growth, short internodes and therefore a very dense branching, in conclusion we are talking about a very productive beast.

First, a strong physical and mental relaxation is felt that will lead you to a state of absolute calm and gradually gives way to a cerebral stimulation of the most fun.

Given its high THC content, it is important to be careful because if you overdo it, it can be excessively potent.

An ideal marijuana to share with friends and enjoy one of the best flavors known along with a very hard hit but balanced between the physical and mental.


  • cerebral
  • happy
  • relaxed


  • berry
  • grape
  • sweet

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