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LA Amnesia

Sativa Dominant Hybrid







80% 20%
 - LA Amnesia

Strain Description

LA Amnesia, sometimes referred to as "LA Amnesia Kush," is a hybrid strain produced by crossing the traditional Amnesia X Kush strains that has an 80/20 sativa/indica ratio.

LA Amnesia's quick-acting, hard-hitting high will have you up and moving in no time, making it the ideal head-spinning wake-and-bake.

As soon as you exhale, you'll experience a burst of joyful energy that will light up your eyes and start the wheels in your head rolling right away.

You'll have the energy and inspiration to tackle everything on your to-do list with ease. Then you feel a sudden, intense hunger, and you start scrounging about for anything and everything to eat.

These effects, along with its extremely high average THC content of 20–25% and low CBD content of 1%, make LA Amnesia ideal for treating chronic pain, nausea or appetite loss, chronic lethargy, and depression.

This flower has a fruity, floral exhale with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor. Although a little hotter, the scent is fairly similar and also contains undertones of sour herbs and fresh earth.

LA Amnesia buds have freezing white crystal trichomes covering their tapered spade-shaped forest green nugs with brilliant neon overtones, orange hairs, and orange hairs.


  • creative
  • energetic
  • euphoric


  • citrus
  • flowery
  • fruity

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