Thai Cannabis and It's Uses

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Thai Cannabis is know the world over, mainly weed heads back in the day would refer to Thai weed as Thai Stick, it’s a purely sativa strain that was harvested by traditional hill tribe’s people in the north of Thailand. Here they would harvest the flowers of these plants that are then dried and tied on to long sticks with silk or even plain string.

Thai Cannabis, is a psychoactive flower from the Cannabis plants. It has been used for both recreational and pathogenic purposes for centuries. It is generally known for its relaxation and calming effects. it’s also specified to help with a range of medical conditions, including habitual pain, glaucoma, and insomnia to name but a few.

Thai Cananbis Strains with Thai Cannabis Club
Thai Cananbis Strains with Thai Cannabis Club
Thai Cananbis Strains with Thai Cannabis Club

Humans have turned to it as a herbal remedy for centuries, and today people use it to relieve symptoms or persistent medical symptom that limits your ability to conduct major activities in life or can beget serious detriment to you if not relieved.

Because Thai cannabis plants can make one hungry , it’s also useful in treating conditions or side effects of conditions that beget a loss of appetite. Using it won’t change the outcome of a certain disease. But it can ease certain symptoms, make you feel better and ameliorate your quality of life .

Thai Cananbis Strains with Thai Cannabis Club

Thai cannabis plants are a gift of nature to humanity, it's formerly an extensively accepted plant in numerous regions of the world. This plant has been fully removed from narcotic list meaning that It’s Possession, cultivation, distribution, consumption, and sales of this cannabis plant are now legal, especially for personal use. Thailand's government, on the 9th of June 2022 approved its use for medical purposes and exploration.

Here in Thailand we the THAI cannabis club are committed in selling the plant's flowers/buds and we want to make it a commodity to export worldwide especially now that the health benefits of the plants is open for everyone to see.

Thai Cananbis Strains with Thai Cannabis Club

Cannabis Thailand is honored to have a range of health benefits. It has been legalized of it’s growing, possession and its consumption, with the end of boosting its husbandry and tourism sectors.

Features of Thai cannabis includes:

  • Thai Cannabis is a plant that has uses as a recreational and medicinal use.
  • It comes from the flowering tops and leafs of the Cannabis sativa plant in Thai cannabis strains
  • Thai cannabis is 100 % sativa strains. These strains have been mixed to create hybrids with indica strains that can boast upwards of 22% THC!
  • Thai cannabis have incurred a pungent aroma and flavor – as well as a potency that induces a veritably ecstatic high.
  • They're light green in color with some shapes of brown being conspicuous and lots of resin. They smell very fruity and citrus, and frequently contain undertones of strong diesel odors that makes it unique.

When speaking about Thai cannabis it’s generally pertaining to all of the land races that grow natively in Thailand. A land race is an admixture of analogous genetics. These land races are purely sativa, with veritably high probabilities of THC reaching as high as 22% and 0 CBD. Thai cannabis are potent and have the capability to induce an affable swoon and energetic cerebral.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Thailand:

  • Thai cannabis plant are veritably good for adding your sense of well-being and giving you energy. They can also help fight against fatigue and are thus recommended for those who have trouble with chronic tiredness.
  • They're also used to help people with mood disorders or any kind of mood problem. Meaning they are useful for those who suffer from depression or bipolar disorder , as they may help to feel more motivated and positive about your day and life.
  • They're also used against stress since they've the capability to relax and set your body at ease. Thai cannabis can help relieve physical pains similar as muscle pangs, cramps, muscle spasms, headaches and migraines. This makes them helpful for those who suffer from habitual pain and any kind of internal suffering as well, similar as depression or mood disorders.

Thai cannabis is popular as ever due to their potent cerebral high energizing and ecstatic effects. The grassy and diesel-suchlike flavor of the Thai cannabis is without a doubt unique. In combination with the sweet, candy-like tropical flavors that accompanied it, it produces a profile to behold. This is down to their capability to lift, relax and produce a mild Euphoria .

In addition, cannabis Thailand are good for muscle - related problems. This includes muscle cramps , muscle spasms and muscle pains. Thai cannabis plant can also be great for those suffering from chronic fatigue, as there energizing potential is second to none.

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